#FiFLe Lysefjord Hiking festival

September 07 – 10 2017

«Figures for Lansdcapes» a sculpture performance around the Lysefjord.


The artist Agnes Btffn invites all the festival participants to create living sculptures.

During your hike around in the landscape, you will first look for a base, meaning a small mount in the landscape, like a stone, a root, what so ever you find can be a base for the living sculpture you will create. 

With your own body solo or together with one of your friends or several friends, you will create figures in the landscape, standing on the base you have chosen. Let yourself be inspired of the sculpture «Figure for landscape» by the British artist Barbara Hepworth (on the picture). Take pictures of your living sculptures and send them to Instagram with the title #figuresforlandscapes, the name of the persons creating the figures, the name of the exact place where the picture is taken and the name of the photographer.

Look at previous «Figures for landscapes» on Instagram
and on this website

For more information, if needed please contact the artist Agnes Btffn