CODE – installation/sculpture/live visuall art

CODE  is an interactive installation to be “activated” in public spaces.

The prosess which has developped under the making of CODE over the years,  has connected the work to the bar code, which also gives the artwork it’s name.
– By choosing to paint the parts black and white,  I connect the work to the bar code. This action is activated thinking of values: the project CODE was generated by intens political debats about which kind of space the immigrant should be given in our society, which set focus on my questionning about ranking individuals from a value point of vue  …

The work is a materialising of the empty space in between the mass, the ply wood the silhouettes are made of. The installation can be s shaped as a fence, an ajustable curtain, a group of figure shaped sculptures organized in a space, outside or inside… and in “dialog” whith the spaces it is activated in.